Purpose of this web site is to promote the wondrous and fascinating instrument called piano. Full of mysterious workings, magical response and majestic features, the piano has drawn attention to itself and its music for centuries. And rightfully so as it allows us to portray life via the universal language called music... with or without words. 

Rather robust in appearance, the piano continually acts and reacts with the fluctuations in our environment, forever changing its "mood". Consequently it requires service. The kind of service only a professional can give you. Piano tuning, service, maintenance and repair insist upon: loving the instrument as such, 'know-how', and pure dedication to the preservation of a rather odd wooden box full of stuff with an apparent life of its own. The top gun in this and - hopefully - every profession will announce that he/she knows but little and faces yet a lifetime of accumulating the necessary 'expertise'.

Thank you for visiting my site as you may now have found just the person you can RELY upon for courteous, friendly and knowledgeable piano service. Scroll down to enter and unveil the magic of the piano...


piano e forte, soft and loud: term used (c. 1710) by its inventor,

Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731), of Padua, Italy

piano + forte, soft + loud, strong

from its gradation of tone in contrast with the harpsichord



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